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Ski rent Bansko - cheaper than you think

When you are planning to go on a ski holiday, but you are not sure if you can afford it, first make a research about the prices and decide whether you are going or not. Most of the people think that the ski holidays are something expensive and are afraid that their budget is not enough. You’ll often pay similar amounts for holidays in different resorts, with some exceptions, of course. The cost of each resort tends to differ with in-resort prices. Lift pass prices are a great indicator, as generally the resorts with expensive lift passes are also the resorts in which you’ll need a big amount of money for your winter break. Ski rent Bansko Another thing's price, which you need to know is the ski rent equipment and the ski lessons. If you come to the best winter resort in Bulgaria - the well-known Bansko, you will experience the Bulgarian culture as well. Bansko offers you an exciting nightlife with a lot of bars and discos. There are also really nice restaurants and luxury hotels, as well. is the place where you can book everything you need for your ski holiday and pay a small price for that. Our advice is to book online ski equipment rent - all the ski & snowboard packages and school lessons before traveling to save money. It is much better to pre-book instead of paying while in the resort. As you know, you will need a ski pass, but we offer you to book ski rent as well. Because this way you will save more money.Contact the booking team SkiPal Bulgaria. Our packages are at the lowest price and if you choose them you will have a big discount! Click here to see our best deals for 2019! Bansko ski rent packages from SkiPal are with the highest quality and affordable price! Who says that the winter ski holiday is expensive? Ski rent Bansko - cheaper than you think.

Ski packages

Lift pass + Hire package

36,40 € each

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Helmets Hire

5,00 € each

Helmets premium quality! 

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Googles Hire

3,00 € each

Hire Googles and add it to your ski package

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