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How much for the ski rental in Bansko?

Looking to find a great deal for a family ski holiday in Bansko? Smart move. Ski vacations with the family are really exciting but are not cheap...It depends on many things, but when we include lift pass, ski school lessons, ski equipment rental and the meals, it does not look good. Here are tips to make sure you pay less for your family vacation in Bansko, Bulgaria. ski rental in Bansko We, from, offer you the best deal for 2019! offers you to save your money as you book your ski equipment rent from now + ski school lessons and you will pay the lowest price in Bulgaria.. You will receive a 15% discount off the price compared to that if you buy them separately. And of course, you are not gonna wait at the long queues at the slopes. It is much better to pre-book the things you need before coming to Bansko. As you know Bansko is a well-known destination for winter activities - skiing, snowboarding, and of course nightlife. The clubs, bars, etc here are something that is very popular. Most of the people come to the resort only to go there. During the past years, there was a multimillion investment in a brand new skiing area. Numerous new luxury hotels and facilities in the area of the Gondola lift station have been constructed, as well. It is the best place for your family ski holiday in Bulgaria. And with our deal for the ski rental and ski school lessons, you will save money for your apres-ski meals and places you are going to visit. So, contact our booking team from here and book your ski rental.