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Ski rental Bansko - the best decision is to book now!

If you are going on a ski holiday with your family, but you have not done that soon and you do not remember the most important things - take our advice.

You need lots of things when you go to the mountains. You need to book your ski rental and ski school lessons if you are going to use. offers you to book both things and to receive amazing discounts. For example, if you buy ski rental equipment + ski lessons you will pay the lowest price in Bulgaria. For this package, you receive a 15% discount off the price if you buy them separately. Do it now from here - best deal for 2019!

Ski rental Bansko is the best place to book everything you need because you will pay less than anywhere else in Bulgaria.

Some other important things are listed here:

1. Buy ski insurance – You can often get coverage through your credit card you book with, or you can opt for travel insurance

2. Exchange some currency – It’s always cheaper to do it at the bank beforehand than those kiosks in the airport or at the resort. It will be much more expensive for you if you do it in Bansko.

3. Check the weather forecast – The weather is unpredictable in the Bulgarian mountains, so check the weekly forecast for your week so you can pack appropriately. And mentally/emotionally prepare ;-)

What else do I need to do before I go?

If you booked your ski equipment rental and ski school lessons from, so you have made everything needed to have the most exciting ski holiday ever.

You can be sure that the ski equipment is the newest - it is its second season of using. Our skies are waxed, the boots are dry and our friendly staff will provide you with everything else you need. Here is our Booking team of SkiPal Bulgaria.