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Ski hire in Bansko - have an unforgettable ski holiday

If you are not that into the winter sports and activities, for example, skiing and snowboarding, you are probably wondering what could possibly motivate the human being to go in the mountains. Isn't it better to lay down in front of the fireplace and drink wine or hot chocolate?

Yes, it is but who says that the skiers don't do it after the exhausting day in the mountains. Exhausting but beautiful... There is so much beauty there...The unforgettable experience that the wild can give us cannot be compared to anything else...

Ski hire in Bansko

If you are into the ski sport, you definitely have to visit Bulgaria and our winter resorts. Book your ski hire in Bansko and be ready for an exciting ski holiday For example, Bansko is well-known as a good place for that. There are excellent ski and snowboard facilities, as well as a unique history and architecture of an old and new part of the town. Thanks to these features Bansko is a favorite ski and snowboard destination.

During the recent years, there was a multimillion investment in a brand new skiing area. Numerous new luxury hotels and facilities in the area of the Gondola lift station have been constructed, as well.

So, if you are wondering whether to come skiing in Bansko, stop and do it now. And our advice for you is to book everything before you go.

As you know, you will need a ski pass, but we offer you to book ski hire as well. Because this way you will save more money. Our packages are at the lowest price. If you choose our packages you will have a big discount! Click here to contact our booking team.

We offer the best deals for 2019! Bansko ski hire packages from SkiPal are with the highest quality and affordable price!